Monday, June 29, 2009

Tripp Trapp

When The Right Start went out of business in my area, I was very disappointed. I loved that store from before the Z-man was born in Chicago and was so excited that one had opened here in The Woodlands before Little Ladybug was born. It was so convenient to go in there to get all of the handy gadgets that make parenting easier. Plus, they had great toys so my kids were entertained while I shopped and a clean restroom and changing table. All in all, it was a frequent destination of mine and I was bummed to see them go.

However, I did manage to score some good deals when they were closing. I had always wanted a Tripp Trapp high chair but had never wanted to spend $300 on it. However at 40% off, I pulled the trigger. From about 5 months on, Little Ladybug has been in her Tripp Trapp and we have been loving it. It is modern, stylish, simple and puts her at the table with us rather than behind a huge plastic tray. We have found this to be both convenient and pleasant as she seems to be more a part of things sitting with us at the table. Plus, it is all open so it is really easy to clean. There are no creases and crevices for food to hide in.

We have the Tripp Trapp and the baby rail. At first, we didn't use the shoulder straps because they are just kind of a pain and the baby chair had been keeping her pretty contained. However, lately the Little Ladybug is becoming a big shot. First she was standing up on the foot rest. No problem; it was easy to lower it down. Then, she was pulling one foot up onto the seat and trying to climb out.

This child will definitely not be like her brother, who to this day, at three and a half could not and would not climb out of a crib. Z-man has been in a big boy bed for months and is really good about not getting out until it is time to wake up. But, a few weeks ago, he got "stuck" in his sister's crib and did not even attempt to get out of there. She is 9 months old and I can see her already trying to figure out how to get out of there. One day I forgot to put the rail all the way up and I got her from her nap and she was standing up, holding on, trying to put her leg over the side. No, I am not kidding!

Anyways, in addition to trying to pull up on everything, Little Ladybug wants to eat big people's food. She wants to feed herself. The problem is, the chair is pulled up to my round table. So, as she learns her pincher grasp and tries to pick up her food, she is dropping a great deal of it on either side of her chair. My dog is sitting there, waiting to pick up any morsel that she drops. However, the dog is getting older and we don't want to make her sick from eating too much people food. So, until the Little Ladybug learns to eat neater, this chair will not work for her and we had to drag the big, ugly plastic one down from the attic. Yuck!

But, all was not lost. We took off the baby rail, made some adjustments and now the Z man has a seat at the table that is just the right height for him. He does not have to sit on his knees to reach the table and he can now begin to eat a little bit more neatly. Yay! The Tripp Trapp will be with us for years to come.

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