Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Greatest (Diaper) Bag

One of my original intentions in starting this blog was to share with people my favorite "finds", but lately all I have been writing about is food.  However, that is about to change.  

I am, without a doubt, a "bag lady".  I love bags, purses, clutches, even suitcases. Also, because I am also a mom of two little kids, I love diaper bags.  With the Z-man, I had a few of them, none of which I really loved.  But now, for the Ladybug, I have one ultra-fabulous, utilitarian and handsome diaper bag.

The Jamie by Storksak.  What originally sold me on this bag was the tough but supple leather and the overall unisex look to it, cool enough for me but manly enough for MrRuckus to carry.  (Brad Pitt carries this bag.  I have even seen pics of him carrying it without any of the kids in tow, though how he manages to get out of the house without having to take even one of them is a wonder.)  But, the more I have used it, the more I have loved it.  It has numerous internal pockets, some of which zip, for stowing extra clothes, Desitin, hand gel, breast pads, binkies, etc.  There are two insulated pockets for bottles, a really handy detachable key holder, and a folding changing mat.  It easily fits a laptop as well and has an external mobile pocket.  And, because it is a really light color inside, you can easily find everything.  However, the best thing about it is that once it is all broken in, it can hold so much stuff!

The dimensions of this bag are reasonable:  14"Hx12"Wx4"D.  However, it just swallows up whatever you give it and leaves you room for more.  Right now it is all packed up to take the Ladybug to see her grandparents in NJ (and have a little Mommy time in NYC with my friend "L") for the weekend.  So, currently inside this baby are:

  • 6 size 3 diapers
  • 3 swim diapers
  • an entire package of wipes
  • 2 changes of clothing
  • the changing pad that comes with it
  • a bottle
  • a tube of desitin and a hand gel
  • 4 packages of baby food
  • a pack-n-play sheet 
  • a copy of Goodnight Moon
  • my Medela breast pump and bottles
  • Some Fiber One bars for Mommy
All of that, and room to spare!  Unbelievable, right?  It is like one of those clown cars at the circus.  I love this bag, my husband loves this bag, the child care staff at the gym love this bag.  It goes over the handle of the stroller and is easy to sling over your shoulder or wear messenger style because of the adjustable strap.  I got mine new on eBay for about $175.  A quick check on finds it at a number of stores for about $200.  For this quality and utility, it's a bargain.

Plus, look at how lovely it is:


  1. Nice bag but i am not happy with it's color scheme. I would like to buy black one.Stork Sak Diaper Bag

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