Friday, June 26, 2009

Beddy Bye Time

Sometimes I have NO patience for my kids. Heck, some days I have no patience for them. Part of it is because they are both at ages and stages where they need so much attention. Part of it is that I am selfish and really want my Mommy time and Mommy space. But lately it is because MrRuckus has been working so much and such long hours that I just don't really get a break until after they go to bed.

I realize that I am extremely fortunate. I get to stay home to care for my kids and have the flexibility to spend time with MrRuckus when he does have time off. When he is home, MrRuckus is 100% hands on and does whatever needs doing for the kids. We have the means to get sitters whenever we want to go out or if I do need a break. There is great child care at my gym and I use it for the full two allotted hours a few times a week. But still, I do lose patience with my kids more than I want to admit.

However, no matter how tired and drained I might be at the end of the day, I love bedtime lately. 3 year old Z-man and Little Ladybug are so in love with each other and have been playing so nicely together (she trying to do whatever he does), that I now try to put them to bed at the same time. I put them both in the bath, her in her little safety seat, him right next to her and they splash each other and trade bath toys back and forth. Then I get them both in "gagamas", brush teeth and we all read a book on the Z-man's bed. Little Ladybug loves to be up on his bed and snuggles right onto his pillow. After the book, Z-man says, "let's cuddle" and we all have a cuddle and lots of kisses. Then I take the little Ladybug, nurse and rock her until she is drowsy, put her in her little crib, come downstairs and feel all content.

And now I get that mommy time!

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