Friday, July 24, 2009


My good friend from high school and his lovely wife had a baby boy the other day and I am so thrilled for them. They have a spritely three year old and now have a tiny little boy to join their family. Congrats J and J!

Though I know that they do not expect me to send a gift and that it is not necessary, I LOVE when I find the right thing for someone. I am really good at gifting and love thinking of something that will really make the recipient smile. Today I sent a gift from my go to source for baby gifts. When I found Uncommonly Cute, I immediately bookmarked the site. The make adorable baby shoes that are like the ubiquitous Robeez but personalize them for you. (These are the shoes with non-slip soles that actually stay on a baby's feet.) Ladybug has a pair and I have sent a few as gifts that have gone over really well. Uncommonly Cute also makes clever tee shirts and onesies with ironic and amusing phrases like "Elmo is my homeboy" and "AB/CD". Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I have reconnected with J and J. For their new bundle of joy, I found a onesie that says, "Famous on Facebook". I can't wait to see the photo they post there of little B.

If you ever need gift ideas, please ask me. I love to think about it and make suggestions!


  1. I have to get a gift for a 60 something father slash grandpa. He is a white man who has everything. He enjoys sports photography reading and his many apple products. The only thing he doesn't have is an Austin healy but he ain't getting that. Any good gift ideas?
    Sincerely yours, clueless in nj

  2. LOL, Clueless! I know someone EXACTLY like that. If your someone is like mine, you might think that a Kindle would be ideal, but no. He likes to read books, real books, preferably hardcover. Maybe a heart rate monitor? There are some nifty ones available that do all sorts of things to help him with his fitness goals. There are some cool Austin Healey things on this site: