Friday, July 24, 2009

A Bone in My Fish.

Sushi is one of my favorite cuisines (the other being Thai), so one of the things I lament about living down here is the lack of really good sushi. Because the quality of fish is just not all that high at most places, I end up getting a lot of maki (roll) sushi because the fish is somewhat obscured by the flavors of the other fun ingredients. There are so many interesting combinations of fish, veggies, spices and colors that I am usually pretty content even if I am not blown away.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a place called Thai Cottage that opened up on 242, not far from my house. Not only is it a new Thai restaurant, but it houses a small offshoot of Houston's "Blue Fish House" sushi bar. Though it looks like a fast food joint from the outside, the inside is cool and inviting. We had a pleasant lunch there with some fun maki and a big dish of edamame. The Z-Man loves sushi, and we polished off a ton of it.

This afternoon I had to pick up MrRuckus from work. Poor guy! He has been working like a fiend and had car trouble again today! A few months ago there was some flash flooding at the hospital at which he was working and he unwittingly drove through a lake of water. His engine had to be replaced and this is now the second time since then that his car has had a problem. Thank goodness that BMW pays for all service for the first 50K miles! But, it is frustrating and saddening to have our beautiful convertible have to keep going into the shop.

But, I digress . . . So, we were on the way home from picking up a loaner and wanted to get dinner near the BMW dealer and decided to return to Thai Cottage. Started out great. I had a grilled shrimp salad with a very spicy citrus and garlic sauce that I couldn't stop eating. I then ordered two maki rolls: a tasty mango crab roll and a yellowtail, ikura and avocado roll. I had one bite and found a bone in it! I have had so much sushi in my life and have NEVER found a bone in my fish. The whole point of sushi is that the preparation is an art. They did replace the roll but I couldn't eat it after that.

I will go back to Thai Cottage, but I will stick with the Thai food. I will not be ordering sushi there any more. I might wait until my trip to Hawaii in October when we can get really amazing fresh fish!

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