Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cape May 2009

I haven't written for a while because we were in Cape May, NJ for 8 days visiting MrRuckus's parents' beach house. We returned last night and spent the day trying to catch up, organize ourselves and recover. Z-Man took a long nap and he seems to be doing well, but he is the most adaptable kid ever. The Little Ladybug, on the other hand, seemed to be doing great until 6 p.m. tonight when she just started screaming bloody murder! My little girl is so sweet, loving, playful and fun. But, when she is unhappy, she lets you know it. We call her Drama Queen (or DQ for short) because when she is unhappy, her cry is so loud, piercing and painful, it is almost operetic. So, after putting her to bed for the night at 6:30, all has been quiet and peaceful.

In many ways, it is the most peaceful I have felt since before vacation. Don't get me wrong. Our trip to Cape May was wonderful and I wouldn't have missed it for anything, but it was not peaceful and relaxing. It is difficult to have peaceful and relaxing when you have two kids under 4. It is even more difficult to achieve it when you are staying at your in-laws' house (albeit gorgeous and well-located) with plans for every minute of the week. I am ever so grateful to my mother-in-law for being accommodating,helpful, thoughtful and the most generous person I have ever met. She did everything in her power to make sure that all of our needs were met, to take care of both of my children so that MrRuckus and I could have a break, and did not even take a single moment for herself to relax. Still, it is a lot of proximity for 8 days and I felt like we were on a treadmill the whole time we were there.

Some Highlights of the trip:
1. We took Z-man to see Lucy the Elephant on the beach in Margate. This was the highlight of my three year old's vacation and the part he had most been looking forward to before going. This six story elephant was built in 1881 and, in addition to being a tourist attraction that you can climb in and look around, it has also been a hotel, a private home, and a saloon.

2. MrRuckus and I got to spend a night at The Water Club in Atlantic City. Lovely room, chic hotel, but it is still Atlantic City and you can tell that by looking around. I got to lounge by the pool for an hour and he got to play poker at the Borgata for a few hours, so this was a little get away for us. Plus. . .
3. We had dinner at Chef Vola's restaurant in Atlantic City. We met my sister and her friend and had a 10 p.m. reservation at this gem of a restaurant. I had heard that it is the best Italian restaurant in NJ, and I had to try it, so we took what we could get. it is a tiny, hidden little restaurant on a residential street in Atlantic City, run by a couple who are truly passionate about what they do. The portions were enormous and the food was incredible.

It was like eating someone's Italian grandmother's best food in a speakeasy. Because they are so great to their customers, we we were not seated until nearly 11, but the owner makes 21 unique desserts and said that they were on the house for us. So, of course, we each tried one!

4. The Z-man LOVED the beach. My in-laws' house is right on the beach on the Delaware Bay and so it is really easy to take him down there to play. He loved to have his feet in the sand and to be in the water. We put him in the kayaks with us and paddled right in front of the house. He was so happy being on the sand and in the water; it was spectacular to be with him there.
5. Little Ladybug is at a great age and charmed everyone. Her personality is really starting to show and she is so active and funny! Although we were running around trying to catch up with so many people, she was flexible, easy-going and happy.
6. We got to see J, L and their new baby. They are such great friends who we get to see so rarely, so it was special to have our kids all together and then to have a night with my MIL sitting so that we could really catch up.
7. Sunsets. They have the most beautiful deck overlooking the dunes and the out to the bay and we saw some spectacular sunsets from there.

But, it is good to be home. Have my space, sleep in my bed. Plus, as of tomorrow, our theater room and our new home gym will be complete! We will have all the amenities of a resort right here!

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