Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tolerant Dessert #2

I still have to catch up on other things, but again, FOOD! I am really trying to be wheat and dairy free for a while longer as I try to heal my tummy and figure out what is distressing it, but I need sweets!

Tonight we took the kids over to Waterway Square where, on Friday and Saturday nights, they have entertainment for the little ones and their parents. Today there was live music, a caricature artist, and a face painting clown. Plus, both kids actually enjoyed the dancing fountains! (Of course, it was 95 degrees at 7 p.m. Hell, I wanted to jump in fully clothed myself!) Z Man has never been all that into the fountains before but was all over it tonight, smearing his face paint two seconds after the clown had finished. Ladybug delighted in sitting in the spray in her sodden diaper. Then, of course, Z man had to sit observing the fountains and figuring out the water patterns and determine from where the water would come next. My little genius!

Afterwards we all wanted dessert. I had to forgo my beloved Berripop where the rest of them got frozen yogurt delicousness but figured that Hubbell and Hudson across the street would have some sorbetto amongst its incredible gelato selections. Alas, all contained dairy. So, I perused the market but didn't buy knowing that my Tolerant Cookies from yesterday were at home. However, on my way out, near the fruit, I spied some fresh juices and I saw one that caught my eye due to its hot pink color: beet, watermelon, basil juice. Yum, three of my favorite flavors. Plus, I just happened to have roasted my two bunches of beets today so that I would have those ruby jewels ready for a variety of uses over the next few days and a watermelon that I had cut up this afternoon. On the way, home, I decided that I would try to make that juice into a sorbet.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I was out of basil, but I still made a gorgeous and delicious sorbet.

Watermelon and Beet Sorbet

1 Medium Roasted Beet
1 cup watermelon
2/3 cups water with 1/3 cup sugar cooked into simple syrup
zest and juice of one small lime
pinch of sea salt
1 TBSP of Cointreau (homemade sorbet and ice cream freeze better with a little bit of alcohol added. You can use vanilla or vodka but I thought that the citrusy Cointreau would be a good addition here)

Put it all in the blender. Chill until very cold (I forgot this step and mine was not quite scoopable, though still cold and spoonable) and then put in the ice cream maker and let it whir. Well, mine doesn't whir as much as make a deafening whine so I do it in the laundry room. Came out a gorgeous purply pink color, with a sweet but earthy flavor. If I had the basil, I would have just thrown some sprigs in the blender and I think it would have been a perfect addition.

Oh, but I still had one of those Tolerant Cookies and am thinking of grabbing another right now!

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