Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laundry List

Readers, I am on vacation in one of my favorite places on Earth, Stowe, VT. It is so gorgeous here and I am so happy to be back in The Green Mountain State. MrRuckus and I are here with the kids and with my family, and we are excited to have friends and family come join us here. We will be running, biking, sunning, golfing, eating and just all around enjoying ourselves here in this mountain paradise. We rented a great big house to accommodate everyone so that all of our guests would be comfortable. The house is huge. There is plenty of space, and many toys to play with. The views of Mt. Mansfield are incredible, but . . . Well, here is a copy of the letter I just wrote to the management company.

Dear Managment,

We checked in today to the house at 911 Notchbrook Rd. We are thrilled to be back in Stowe. Over the years we have been here many times and our family owned a home here until three years ago. It is great to be back in our favorite place.

However, we are currently very disappointed in the conditions of this "luxury" home. There are a number of issues that require some resolution:
- About half of the window cranks are broken. They do not open or close and many of the cranks are missing.
- Light switches are pulled out of the wall. Light bulbs are out all over the house. We would not even know where to start in fixing these situations ourselves.
- One of the major features you sell about the house is the 10 foot tv/home theater. Well, it doesn't work at all. This needs to be rectified ASAP.
- Speaking of the TV, there are remotes all over the house and none of them has any batteries in it. Not one.
- The clutter is appalling. Everything is disorganized, piled everywhere, no rhyme or reason to where things are located, and no storage because there are boxes and junk everywhere.
- The house is not clean, but the cleaning service has notes all over the house saying that tips are appreciated. Here is a tip: clean the house! It is musty, dusty, and just feels dirty.
- Sheets were left in the dryer. We do not know where these go, though I guess they can go anywhere, just like everything else in the house. Meanwhile, we have to put them somewhere because we need to do laundry.
- Speaking of laundry, we were told that there would be laundry soap. There is none.
- We were also told that there would be cleaning supplies. One basic cleaning supply is paper towels, and there were none to be found.
- The lawn is overgrown and full of weeds, as if it has not been maintained in years.
- Another selling points to the house was the keg of beer. This was changed and we were not told until after signing the contract.
- The whole coffee thing: a big point was made about leaving a big bag of coffee. There are about 10 bags with some dregs of coffee instead.

Also, you had instructed me to have things sent to the house. While we did receive the boxes sent via UPS, I had two packages sent via USPS that should be in the mailbox. These are gifts for my father's birthday. I need to get them by Monday.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to these matters. I will call you and John to follow up tomorrow.


This is still going to be a great vacation, but I hope that they can fix some of these matters!

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