Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whoa Tiger

For years I have loved Tiger Woods. What was not to love. He is the "Greatest Golfer of All Time." He has incredible ability, drive, concentration, willpower, success, and, let's face it, total hotness. And, when he got married and became a daddy, he became even more lovable to me because he seemed to do that with the same talent and passion with which he played golf. I have watched so many of his rounds, followed him around courses at tournaments, but my favorite Tiger moment was his US Open Win in 2008 when little Sam Alexis toddled onto the green and you could see how much he and his daughter adored each other. I rewound this part of the broadcast almost as many times as I once did the ending of Anne of Avonlea (when Gilbert proposes to Anne). It was that moving to me. (Yes, I just may be the cheesiest person of all time.) In short, Tiger was my hero. Like a mythological creature, he was beautiful, strong, brave and capable of superhuman feats. Except that he is human.

Do you know that when I first heard of his car "accident" the other night, the first thing that I thought was that he must have been going out to buy diapers or baby motrin? Meanwhile, as he ducked and avoided the media and authorities for the next few days, this became an unlikely explanation. I, like everyone else, knew that something had gone horribly awry for Tiger. However, when he "confessed" today, it was like a punch in the gut. I know that it is his personal life, that this is a private matter for his family to deal with. However, it hurt. He let me down. I know that he is human, but precisely the reason that I loved him is that he is better than most humans. He is supposed to have more discipline, self control, and uprightness than the rest of us. That is what makes him Tiger Woods.

But now I know, he is just like every other jackass celebrity who is all ego, who thinks he can have it all, can do it all, and is above it all. And that sucks. Have you heard this? Ugh!!!!!!!

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